Pellet Grills

Green Mountain Grills

We are the local dealer of the very best pellet grills on the market, Green Mountain Wood Pellet Grills. We handle all the accessories and pellets. These grills use indirect heat and results in no flame ups and no burning. For a real barbeque experience, try out loaner and check out the best on the market!

Wood BBQ Pellets:
Mesquite, Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Apple, Maple, Green Mountain Blend (Oak-Hickory-Maple)

With Green Mountain Grills, take on any cooking challenge. Grilling, roasting, smoking, you name it! Try meats, poultry, fish, bread, vegetables, and even pizza, with confidence.

With the accuracy offered by digital temperature control combined with the integrated digital probe thermometer, GMG pellet grills have versatility and ability that you won’t find in any gas or charcoal grill.

Simple and easy to use. Durable and built to last. You can enjoy the taste, aroma, and healthy cooking that comes from using a Green Mountain Grill for years to come.

Visit our location to see the difference for yourself. We offer products in our freezer and refrigerated sections that are fresh or frozen. Grab one of our many prepared packages like our popular Lemon Herb Chicken, tender Marinated Pork Tri-tip, Garlic Sausage, Rack of Lamb, jerky, or Smoked Salmon. Dees Meats also offers meat packages, with up to 20% in additional savings.

JIM BOWIE - Black Standard
JIM BOWIE - Stainless
DANIEL BOONE - Black Standard
DANIEL BOONE - Stainless